It is more than just a "run". It is a "cross country" run, part of the Bali-Kei Archipelago Festival (BKAF), an annual event by The Sophie’s Choice (TSC) which is a festival that marries “Music” and “Sports” industries as one. TSC has chosen the Island of Bali and Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku Regency as the first locations to implement the program, and named it ARCHIRUN (Archipelago Run). 

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Video - Location of the last 2K of the Long Distance final leg and where the Music Expo and Festival will be - Ngurbloat beach (Long beach) at Ngilngof village, Kei Kecil Island.


The "Long Distance Run" (84K) and "Short Distance Run" (5k, 10K and 20K). The Island of Bali is where the “START” begins and the Islands of Kei is where the “FINISH” marking the end of the competition.


It is part of the entire Archipelago Run (ARCHIRUN) with segments of 5K, 10K and to 21K. This type of race is independent of each other, in Bali and in Kei. If you want to compete in both Bali and Kei, you must do separate registration for each location.


The "Long Distance Run" in Bali and Kei Islands is a one package deal, 84K in total. The first leg of the race, 42K, is in Bali. Due to the lack of enthusiast runners in entering the "Cross-country" Inter-Island run when registration ends on 31 August 2017, the BKAF Management has decided to extend the registration till 20 September 2017, and decided to reduce the TOP finishers qualifier in Bali from 50 to only 7, as the ones eligible to run for the final leg, 42K, on the Kei Islands. However, from now until 20 September 2017.

The management has also decided to reduce the Top Finishers qualifiers in Bali from 50 runners to 7 runners, to compete on the last 42k leg in Kei Islands. The Top 7 Finishers on the first leg in Bali will fly to the Kei Islands the next day with all expenses paid*, to face the terrain and rough tough final 2K Warriors Zone to win the big prizes.

From now till 20 September 2017, all Long Distance registration will include 2 nights of accommodation in Bali with ground transport to ArchiRun location.

*Include of air ticket to and fro Bali - Kei Islands, Accommodations.

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